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Same Day Dispatch | Over 8000 positive reviews! | Free Click & Collect


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Automatic Rear Derailleur - 6 Speed *Convert your Bike*


Convert your bike to an AUTOMATIC!

Included in this item is all the parts you need to convert your bike to an automatic, full instructions included.

  • How does the AUTOSTEAM work?

All you have to do is pedal! The bicycle's speed and the change in the terrain determine when the Autostream will change gears. The revolutionary and patented derailleur uses centrifugal force to sense your rotation (speed) and adjust the gears accordingly . Your autostream will downshift as you decelerate so you will always start off in the easiest gear.

  • How does my pedaling affect the gear shifting?

The Autostream will automatically change gears to keep you pedaling at a comfortable rate. You can adjust the candence screw on the derailleur to find the most comfortable rate for you. We have preset the candence at the factory for a rate of about 60 revolutions per minute - a rate that is recognized as ideal for recreational riding. If your pedaling rate slows down to 40 revolutions per minute, the autostream shifts to and easier gear. If you pedal above 70 revolutions per minute, the bike shifts to a harder gear. Of course, you do not have to worry about any of this because all you have to do is pedal, Autostream automatically keeps your riding easy and carefree.

If pedaling rate is too slow or too fast for you, or, if you desire a more exhaustive workout, the pedal candence can easily be adjusted to match your desired rate.

  • How do i get up a hill?

Just pedal comfortably as you approach a hill, dont try to speed up. The Autostream will automatically change the gears for you to make the hill climb as easy as possible.

  • Why does the autostream only have six gears?

The Autostream's six perfect gears are designed to give similar range of gearing as 21, 24 and even 27 speed bicycles without as many of the in-between, seldom-used gears. So you get all the benefits of multi-speeds, but no gear change hassles. Conventional multi-speed bicycles have too similar or even duplicated gears which are confusing and distracting.

  • The derailleur can only be fitted to a direct attachment frame
  • It is recommended you use a single front chainwheel
  • It is recommended to use this with a 6 speed freewheel