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Urge Endur-O-Matic 2 Adult MTB Helmet – Yellow-Grey - L-XL 57 - 59cm

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The Endur-O-Matic has been the statement helmet for Urge since 2009, the one that everything stemmed from. It came as a real bombshell at a time when MTB helmet production held no surprises.

It made a huge impression on a generation of MTB riders, but the time has now come for it to get a facelift, probably even some major surgery in certain aspects. Of course it retains some of the lines and codes of its famous big brother, but also plenty of enhancements aimed at making this helmet able to take on the challenges that face any real MTB rider. The Endur-O-Matic 2 offers more protection, more ventilation and comfort, more eco friendliness, but remains as classy and unique as always.


  • 100% recycled EPS (reused waste coming from the automotive industry)

  • Straps made out of recycled PET (plastic)

  • Tight fit around the head for an “anti-mushroom” effect

  • In-mould conception with 4 shells for better finish and durability of the exposed areas

  • 28 vents

  • Optimisation of the Venturi effect with air channels inside the shell before extraction to the rear vents

  • The butterfly cage provides optimised cohesion of the shell structure for better impact absorption and therefore better safety

  • Butterfly cage blades facilitate the air penetration inside the shell

  • A smooth shell, with a reduced volume and more coverage on the rear and sides makes a highly protective helmet

  • Reduction of the rotational impact on the head and brain in case of a crash

  • Reduced hooking risk

  • Higher protection of the neck and occipital

  • Super light and flexible visor for more safety in case of a crash

  • Monobloc design to insure the perfect balance between comfort and breathability

  • Padding is washable, anti-bacterial and moisture wicking

  • Optimised shape for use of goggles and glasses

  • The BOA system fits around the entire skull it's simple, lightweight and super-efficient, with 2 height adjustment anchor points

  • Strap anchors have been completely redesigned for a better adjustment ergonomics

  • CERTIFICATIONS: NF EN 1078 + A1 February 2013, CPSC 16 CFR Part 1203, AS/NZS 2063.2008

  • WEIGHT: 440 grams approx



Helmet Sizing Guide: So you can check the size you need it's essential you measure the users head correctly. To measure for a helmet you need to use a fabric tape measure (or a piece of string you can then measure).

Use a tape measure to determine the circumference of the head. Place the tape measure/ string above your ears and about an inch (2.54 cm) above the eyebrows.

Try not to wrap the tape too tightly take your time and take a few sets of measurements to find the common average.

If the size in CM is within the sizes as listed then the helmet will fit, if it does not or you have doubts please contact us and we will advise the helmet/s we have to suit.